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August 02, 2010

Slow POTUS + Slow Senate = No change in federal courts

If it seems like the federal judiciary is still stuck in the slow mo land of ultra-conservatism, there's a reason (data from the WSJ and Brookings):

Nominations submitted for appeals courts: 

22 by Obama

32 by Bush (at same point in time)

Nominations submitted for district courts: 

63 by Obama

83 by Bush

Confirmed by Senate for Courts of Appeals:

    9 for Obama, 12 for Bush

    (Vacancies when Obama took office: 13)

    (Vacancies when Bush took office: 27)

Confirmed by Senate for District Courts:

    27 for Obama, 51 for Bush

    (Vacancies when Obama took office: 41)

    (Vacancies when Bush took office: 54)

Total confirmations:

    36 for Obama, 63 for Bush

(At the same point in the Bush administration, the Senate was evenly divided between D's and R's, with VP Cheney holding the tie-breaking vote.)


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